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The Search for Trisha Campbell

Show more Show less Just in time for Halloween. A short story about a girl who goes missing in Halloween and the unfortunate police officer who finds her.

The Search for Trisha Campbell will be FREE for Kindle on October 14th and 15th.

Here's just one of the five star reviews:

John Galloway, cop, faces his worst nightmare, a missing child. The Amber Alert goes out on Halloween night. Galloway finds memories of his own daughter's death haunting him as he searches for six-year-old Trisha Campbell. He goes out with backup, with the rest of the cops feeling he's not quite up to par for this search, and makes a discovery he can't handle.

Jeanne Bannon weaves a tale reminiscent of Stephen King. Ordinary situations, ordinary fears become malevolent. Bannon gets quickly to her point and yanks the reader into a par…