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Interview with Chrystal Vaughan

Why did you decide to write a mystery/thriller?
My first book was a thriller...more ofa horror novel really. My students were upset that they couldn't read it since it had adult content, so I wrote Dead in the Water specifically for them. I really had to dial back the content to make it YA friendly.
What genre does your book fall into - cozy, mystery/thriller, suspense, police procedural, etc.?
My second book is a Young Adult paranormal thriller (through Solstice Publishing). I self published my first book, Sideshow.
What prompted you to write this book or series?
It was all about the students, who are very thrilled that I'm a writer. I've had a few of them ask me to sign their copies, which is so strange but kind of neat.
Do you consider your book character-driven or plot-driven?
I think my book is character-driven. I really tried to capture the attitude of a teenage girl with the character Eva. Part of the book is excerpts from her journal, and the other part is told from t…

Meet author, KateMarie Collins

Looking At the Light: The companion to A Stab at the Dark, Looking at the Light focuses on what is good in the world around us. Be it a young woman finding a way to escape her sheltered home, an old toy welcoming a new owner, or a gremlin exterminator. The stories inside are meant to be uplifting, humorous, and give the reader hope that not all is bad in this world.

A Stab At the Dark: The companion to Looking at the Light, A Stab at the Dark focuses on what is wrong in the world around us. Be it a different type of guardian angel, the strange figure in the dark alley, or what lurks deep within the forest. The stories inside are mean to be creepy, make you shudder, and face your fears.


Born in the late 60s, KateMarie has lived most of her life in the Pacific NW. While she's always been creative, she didn't turn towards writing until 2008. She found a love for the craft. With the encouragement of her husband and two daughters, she began submitting her work to publishers. Whe…