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The Ornament by P.A. Estelle

A warm Christmas read  The Ornament by P.A. Estelle 

Twelve years ago Jim Rustle packed up and left his home in Idaho and hasn’t looked back. He gets quite an awakening when Lisa Parker, whom he hadn’t seen in all those years, breaks into a business meeting and uses some colorful adjectives to tell him just what she thinks of him.
Sparks fly between the two when he decides to follow Lisa home and sees what has happened in his absence.Is the anger stemming from the present, or from the past?
It’s Christmas time.Can an ornament from years past help heal betrayals that have festered for years?
A black cowboy hat sat low on her head, shadowing her face.Light brown straight hair with white blonde streaks throughout swayed almost to her waist. The sign, Wagner, INC, was in large block letters above a double door that was opened. The receptionist at the desk, Dani according to the name plate, was on the phone, taking a message.…

When We Were Human

When We Were Human 2015 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards Silver Medalist for Young Adult Fantasy/Sci-Fi Fiction Get it for $0.99 November 12-18 only Buy on Amazon
“They came four years ago. Invaded our planet, rounded us up, decimated the human race. We fought back, and some even say we won, but they’re wrong. The invaders took everything from us. Our family. Our hope. Our humanity. We won the war, but there are no humans left. Only monsters who will do anything to survive. Some look human and some don’t, but they are all the same.”


Eighteen-year-old Eva has spent the last year punishing herself for her sister’s death and hiding from everyone she comes into contact with, human or otherwise. With the population destroyed and the Earth left in ruins, she sees little hope left for the future.
But when she crosses paths with Walker and Tara something inside her awakens. Something she thought had died along with her entire family. In these new friends Eva sees a promise of what the fu…