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One last time

INVISIBLE will be free for download on Wednesday, June 19th for the last time. If you’re interested in grabbing a copy, you can find it at

It's been like, well, forever!

Hey there, can't remember the last I time I parked my butt in a chair and wrote a good ole blog post. I thought it was time, not that I have a lot to say. This post will be woefully short. However, I do have a question that I would love answers to. First, a little background. About a month ago, I signed a movie option agreement for my YA novel, Invisible. My question is, anyone else out there have any advice for me? I don't know what to expect (if anything). Do these things drag on for years ultimately leaving authors broken hearted with disappointment? I feel like I'm in limbo. Living in the land of dreams and what might be. Hope to hear from a few of my writer pals who have some experience with movie option agreements.