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Kelly Smith Reviews: BOOK REVIEW: "Beautiful Monster" by Jeanne Bannon

Kelly Smith Reviews: BOOK REVIEW: "Beautiful Monster" by Jeanne Bannon: Book Description:  Lev Baronovsky, a soulless creature of the night, has a problem. Carly, the love of his life has just died in an acci...

Autism Awareness Giveaway

YOUR ENTRY IN THIS GIVEAWAY SUPPORTS THE AUTISTIC SELF ADVOCACY NETWORK!FIND OUT HOW AND ENTER TODAY!This month we are hosting a second giveaway. This one is for a special cause. You may have heard that April is Autism Acceptance month. If you haven't, well, now you know! So a very special team of authors has come together to help YOU donate to the cause...but wait! It doesn't cost you anything to donate! We donate for you! In fact, not only do we donate on your behalf, you ALSO get a chance to win a free kindle or $100 Paypal cash. All you have to do to show you care about this cause--all you have to do to do YOUR part to help spread awareness of the need for autism acceptance--is ENTER TO WIN A FREE KINDLE OR $100! But wait? How can that be? How are we doing this? WHY are we doing this? Very simply, the authors who sponsored this giveaway have all pitched to cover the cover of donations and prize in exchange for you helping us to spread the word! We've actually set it up…