Revenge the Cowboy Way by P.A. Estelle

Hi everybody.  I’m Penny Estelle.  First let me thank my good friend, Jeanne Bannon for allowing me to barge in and leave a teaser of my new book Revenge, The Cowboy Way.


I was a school secretary for 21 years, retiring in 2009.  We moved to our retirement home in Kingman, AZ.  We live on 54 acres in a very rural area.  Actually we live “off the grid”, on solar and wind only.  A real adjustment for a city girl.  I love it.  Nothing like walking out your front door and hear coyotes howling and seeing a sky bursting with stars.  It is breathtaking!


I write for all ages – from the very young, to the “Young at Heart” older folks!  From time travel adventures to family drama and romances.  Find out more about my books and myself at:


                                       Teaser for Revenge, The Cowboy Way


He put his hands on both sides of her head, trapping her and leaning in close, his face inches from hers. “Listen carefully. I don’t give a damn about what you demand. You made the biggest mistake of your life when you chose to rob me, and now you will suffer the consequences of that choice. Now, unless you have other ideas on how to entertain me, you will high-tail it over to that bed and get in it so I can get some sleep.”


His voice was like steel, and Joanna wasted no time doing exactly what she was told. She hadn’t taken two steps before Brian grabbed her arm. “Take that bulky robe off first.” Defiance filled her face, but before she could respond, Brian continued. “Don’t test me. It’s been a long night.”


Hate glittering in her eyes, she untied the sash and took the robe off, throwing it on the floor, leaving a pink-flowered flannel nightgown as her only barrier. She got in the small bed and hugged the wall. The bed was barely big enough for Brian, let alone both of them.

Blowing out the lantern, Brian lay down, reaching for her. She struggled as he scooped her next to him, his arm snug around her waist. Tears of frustration gathered in her eyes as she tried to escape his hold.


“All this squirming around is giving me ideas, Jo.”


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  1. Good morning, Jeanne. Thank you so much for spotlighting my story, Revenge, The Cowboy Way. You are the best!


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