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I thank Jeanne for giving in to my begging her to be on her site. One year in the making and the book has made it to market. Here I share a few things, including an excerpt not shared anywhere else yet. It's not one of those exciting ones, but a nice moment in time where the main character isn't the main character of the scene. It involves one of my favorite characters I created, a man named Gimby, the helmsman for Captain Gabriel Wallace. Stay tuned following the synopsis.

Jeanne's reply - Ronovan is much too humble. He did not beg. He didn't even ask to be on my blog. Over the years, Ronovan has given so much of himself, his talents and his time to other writers, it's only fair that he now take center stage. So, please, welcome Mr. Ronovan Hester and his wonderful debut novel, Amber Wake, to Beyond Words.


The autumn of 1705 brings Royal Navy Captain Gabriel Wallace to face off against an enemy within the ranks of the Admiralty itself that threatens his career, his reputation, his family, and something even more far-reaching in its plot.

Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling

Court-martialed and with Admiral Chambers, the mastermind fearfully known as the Chambers of Hell, out for his destruction, Wallace finds he has allies willing to face the might of the mightiest power on earth, with some allies in the most unlikely of places. The crew of his former command, the Majesty’s Venture, mutinies from the Royal Navy. With capture by his enemies close behind, Wallace agrees to become captain once again.

With a ship at his command, Captain Gabriel Wallace sets out to fulfill his mission, the completeness of which only he knows.

Now a pirate by situation, Wallace sets out for the Colonies and the Caribbean. Will his crew remain loyal as they leave the rule of the Royal Navy behind? Will his lifelong friend, Miles Jacobs, follow Wallace blindly without knowing the whole story? Finally, will the young Lieutenant Maddox Carbonale stay under the command of Wallace or have plans to lead instead?

With these questions in his thoughts, Gabriel Wallace wages war on Chambers and goes after the largest haul in the history of the Spanish Main. Whom does Wallace meet along the way? To whom are his loyalties to: vengeance or something more powerful?

If you love tales of adventure, of the sea, of the struggles of men, and nods to history, this is your book. Read Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling and you’ll have a new appreciation for all of The Razor’s Adventures Pirate Tales.


I paused beside Gimby and held on, taking a brief rest from my many circuits of the ship. “Beggin’ your pardon, Cap’n but if you don’t stop your pacin’, the crew’s goin’ to be jumpin’ out of their skin and into the sea!” he shouted to me over the crashing waves and hammering rain.

“It’s a storm, Mister Gimby. They’ll survive it as they’ve done many times before.”

“It’s Adam, sir. They know you’re concerned and so are they! They know you’re diggin’ your insides out for lettin’ him go ashore.”


“Cap’n, if anyone’s ta blame it’s me. I knew a storm was coming but it was moving faster than I expected.”

I stared for several moments at the sober expression of the soaking wet sailor, who had more experience than any two men aboard ship put together. He showed no signs of concern over Carbonale and Adam, yet blamed himself in what I imagined to be an effort to absolve me of my own guilt.

“I worry for your sanity at times, Mister Gimby,” I remarked as I clung to the lines for support and continued my walk.

“Aye, Captain. That’s why I was assigned to your ship!” He grinned.

I paused and looked back at him. There might have been amusement in his eyes but there was also truth. If his sanity was in question, the answer was that he’d seen to the safety of the Majesty’s Venture on more voyages into danger than most of the other ships of the Royal Navy. I knew he’d do the same for the Assurance; perhaps even more.


I dedicate this book to my son for giving me purpose to wake up each day and move forward with my dreams instead of giving up when life threw me for a loop.



Ronovan Hester is a writer living near Athens, Ga, home of his alma mater, The University of Georgia, where he received a B.S.Ed. in History Education. Ronovan puts his love of history and his over 20 years of writing experience to use in his debut Historical Adventure set in 1705 England, American Colonies, and Caribbean co-authored with P.S. Bartlett.

Ronovan’s devotion to history and writing sometimes competes with his love of tacos and fresh fruit. At times, all his favorite things work hand in hand in mouth during long binge writing sessions that have been known to last nonstop for over 24 hours. Rather than see a sleep disorder as a hindrance, he uses the time for creative purposes, or watching old TV shows on online.

Ronovan enjoys putting elements of history, if only as nods to the past, in all of his book projects. He currently instills that love of history and learning in his son daily as he helps him through his college prep courses, meaning hours of homework every night, even while not yet a teenager—his son, not Ronovan. Now if he could find a very good mute for that trumpet his son just began learning.

Thank you one more time to Jeanne and to anyone that's bought Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling so far, thank you. From Melissa in Ireland to Florence in Australia, we're covering the map.

Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling Supporters.

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  1. Thank you again, Jeanne. Looks great. :) Can't wait to review another of your works.

    1. Happy to be of help any time. Best of luck to you :)

  2. Most agreed, this is a wonderful novel and Ron is more than deserving of all the help and praise coming his way. He and P.S. Bartlett have created an enduring work here!

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