Interview with author, Vanessa Grillone

Today, I'm pleased to host author, Vanessa Grillone on my blog. Vanessa has written a book comprised of poetry and prose that started as her journal and before she knew it, became a book that she hopes will inspire and help other young women coming of age.

A bit about My Pen, My Voice -
Every girl has secrets. Every girl experiences things she is afraid to talk about. And every girl has her own outlet. For Vanessa Grillone, that outlet is writing. My Pen, My Voice artfully records the trials and errors one girl endures in order to become an independent and strong young woman. Through a mixture of prose and poetry, Grillone digs into the heart of the often difficult teenage years, when emotions are high, changes are fast, and life is all-consuming. Grillone's entries encompass the turbulent range of teenage angst. From struggling to understand her need to go her own way to trying to come to terms with her frequent mood swings, her poems reveals with painful intimacy the confusion and heartbreak of growing up. Her vivid language and heartfelt words convey not only her honesty, but her fragility. With a keen eye for the human heart, My Pen, My Voice offers compelling compositions. Journey with Grillone on her path to self-discovery, one that ultimately offers insight into the female mind during its most fragile years.  

Tell us something about yourself aside from writing.

When I’m not writing I am usually working, completing school assignments or spending time with my family and friends. My family (including my puppy, Waffles) and friends are very important to me and I love being able to spend time with them. I have just caught the “travel bug” so to speak and hope to spend a lot of time traveling within the next few years. I’m also a huge fan of food, coffee, and downtown Toronto so whenever I can go downtown for dinner I’m in absolute heaven.

What inspired you to write your first book?

To be completely honest while I was writing this book, I had no idea that I would actually publish it. I’ve always loved to write and knew that one day I wanted to be a published author. This particular book started out as a diary of sorts, a way for me to get out my feelings. It wasn’t until I turned twenty that I decided I wanted it to be my first book published.

Tell us about your novel and where readers can purchase a copy.

My Pen, My Voice is a mixture of poetry and prose written in a diary/blog type of format. You can find the full synopsis on my publishers website (, on, or on

How much of the marketing do you do?

I find the marketing aspect of book publishing to be the toughest part. I self-published My Pen, My Voice last February and my means of marketing has been limited to word-of-mouth, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. When you self-publish there is a part of your package that includes some marketing but most of the marketing has been done by my family and myself. I have a great support system and a huge family, which is sometimes the greatest marketing tool you could have. I also have the support of my current bosses at Caruso Gourmet Pizza, they have been kind enough to let me advertise my book there.

Anything you’ve found to be particularly helpful in marketing your book?

The book signing I was able to have at Chapters Woodbridge was a great experience and it brought in new people to check out my book. It was a very big part of my marketing plan when the book was first published. However, it seems like the Internet is your best friend when it comes to marketing nowadays.

Are your books available as eBooks? If so what was your experience of that process?

Yes, My Pen, My Voice is available as an eBook but I didn’t have much to do in that part of the publishing. Many people that know me decided to buy the print version of the book so I am afraid I don’t even know how the eBook turned out.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

My intention for this book is for young women to realise that they aren’t alone, that we all go through the same things. I want them to see how important it is to find an outlet to deal with the many tough situations you find yourself in when you’re growing up. I want this book to give them hope in knowing that just because things seem horrible in the moment, doesn’t mean that it will last forever.  I also hope that parents will read this book and try to understand what their daughters are feeling and how certain things affect them.

Where can readers find you?

I am also a contributing blogger on but my first post has not been put up yet.

Thank you very much, Vanessa for allowing me to interview you. I wish you all the success in the world :)


  1. HI Jeanne!

    Thank you so much for this interview, it's so exciting to see it on your blog! Cannot wait to start Invisible! I just have to finish The Virgin Cure first!


  2. Hi Vanessa, it's entirely my pleasure to host you on my blog. Hope it brings you much deserved attention :)



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