I've recently published a short story entitled The Search for Trisha Campbell on Amazon. My husband, wanting to support me, decided he'd buy the story, read it and leave me a review. I told him to be honest - that was all I wanted. Even if it meant leaving me a one star review.

Well, he read it and liked it and gave me four stars. However, to his disbelief and frustration, Amazon would not post his review.

He contacted them and asked why his review was not yet posted. Their reply was that he is related to me. Hmmm, so does that mean none of my relatives, be they cousins, siblings, parents, etc. cannot leave a review on any of my work? Does this extend to friends as well?

The strange thing is that we have different last names and email accounts. Sounds like Big Brother is watching and monitoring us at Amazon.

Not sure I like that. What do you all think? I call it censorship. I never pay for reviews nor do I expect anyone who knows me to automatically give me a five star rating.

I'm curious about other writer's thoughts as well as readers.


  1. Huh. That's really strange.
    So it's alright to have paid reviews but not alright to have family reviews? :/

    I agree with you - it's censorship!

  2. This isn't a new policy, you know. Tell your husband to leave reviews at places that haven't instituted it -- like B&N. Everyone's so fast to dismiss B&N, but it seems to me that, being less Big Brother-ish, they are a valuable resource.

  3. Thanks for commenting, ladies. My husband wrote to Amazon again explaining that he still had concerns. He received a response, a rather vague and unhelpful response that stated his concerns will be looked at. Sounds like he's getting the brush off. Doubt he'll ever hear back.


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