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EXCERPT FROM Wings Over Tremeirchson

The sound of a galloping horse whipped all four heads toward the livery and the village beyond.
“Corryn, up now!” Branwen said.

He put one foot into a stirrup and swung up on Ceri’s back. The horse pointed her nose in the air and snorted, her wings stretched out to their fullest. Grigor tightened his grip on her lead rope, reaching for the clip that would release the mare once Corryn was strapped in.

Ralf’s jaw dropped in disbelief as Davyd reined in the livery horse. “Unhand that mare!” the tavern keeper called in authoritative fury.

Branwen stood between Davyd and Ceri, hands on her hips and head thrown back in her Celtic warrior pose. “She is ours now! Corryn, go!”

Corryn gathered the reins and kicked Ceri into motion. The mare reared, pulling the lead rope out of Grigor’s hand. Ralf could see the whites of her eyes as she hopped backwards, wings floundering, the rope trailing.

“Come on, baby, fly!” Corryn shouted.

Ceri bolted forward, ears still plastered against her head. The sudden jerk threw Corryn backwards. He lost his stirrups and bounced out of the saddle along the mare’s rump. Still holding the reins, he fell sideways onto a wing.
Grigor grabbed for the lead rope and missed. Branwen screamed and ran to help. She let go of the other three horses, who neighed and backed away. Still on horseback, Davyd urged his horse forward, knocking Ralf to the ground. 
From his hands and knees, Ralf stared in disbelief as Corryn slid off Ceri’s wing and landed in the grass where she’d been peacefully grazing only minutes ago. Ceri reared again, but Davyd grabbed her lead rope and pulled her down. Dismounting, he stroked the winged mare’s nose to calm her. She trembled under his touch. The three livery horses disappeared over the hill toward home.

Branwen stood horrified, eyes wide above her hands clasped over her mouth. Ralf stood up and brushed off his skinned knees, taking a deep shaky breath. Corryn did the same. Grigor hung his head in defeat. 

“You incompetent, stupid children!” Davyd raged. “You could have injured a very valuable animal!” Ceri flattened her ears again at his tone, and Davyd continued in a calmer, colder voice. “I chose to ignore you when this idea of a winged horse for Tremeirchson was just a crazy notion, but I can’t have you endangering High Meadow.” 



Linda took her first creative writing course in seventh grade, accumulating a closet full of stories that she never showed anyone until 2007, when she was already involved in a career as a teacher. Currently Linda is a sixth grade teacher at James Franklin Smith Elementary School, where her students are some of the early reviewers of her books. Her favorite subject is writing, and her students get a lot of practice scribbling stories and essays. Blending her passions for history and fantasy, Linda wrote On a Wing and a Dare, which is set in medieval Wales and features teenagers saving a herd of flying horses. Four more flying horse books followed this first book, including Wings Over Tremeirchson, which is an ebook novella that introduces the world of flying horses. Most recently, Linda released Under the Almond Trees, a novel about three California pioneer women. Linda lives in San Jose, California with her husband, two adult sons, and two young yellow Labrador retrievers. When she’s not writing or teaching, Linda loves to cook, cross-stitch, and read.


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