Editing my way to Marketing

Just got my edits back from the editor. So far, so good. Solstice editor, Candy Stone did a great job. I thought it would be a hard pill to swallow since I've worked as an editor for 20 years. However, the opposite it true. Now, more than ever, I value the work of a good editor and I hope all the work I've done over the years is as appreciated.

Soon my review of the edits will be done and INVISIBLE will be ready for the world to see. This to me is the scariest part. What will readers think? Will I find readers at all? And the promotion/marketing, yikes! How do I handle that? Anyone have advice as to what marketing strategies worked best for your novels. And did your ebook outsell your 'real' book? Are ebooks easier to market or harder?

Coming soon...an interview with author Sheila Dalton. Sheila discusses her novel The Girl in the Box.


  1. Ensure you do a giveaway. I think your publisher will be happy to provide the prize as you will be generating a buzz for the book. YOu can do it on your blog and put it on Goodreads too. All your tnbw pals will be glad to help spread the word, I'm sure.

    Love the eyes over there. Part of the cover, I suspect. Lovely!

  2. Excellent ideas as always, Joy. Thanks for stopping by to comment and, yes, the eyes are Lola's :)

  3. Thanks for mentioning my book, Jean, and for interviewing me. Didn't realize you worked as an editor. Me, too, but not for years.
    Do you have cover art for Invisible yet? If so, and you agree, I'd like to post it on my FB page.

  4. I am returning a follow. Thanks for following me. Nicole Weaver
    Trilingual Children's Author

  5. Thanks for following me! I'm now your latest follower as well. I'm glad to see this post because it makes me feel my blog might be helpful. Hope you find something useful and congrats on your success so far.

  6. Thanks Nicole and Laura for the follow.

    I appreciate you both taking the time to drop in and leave a comment.

  7. Hi, Jeanne,

    I think blog tours can generate strong interest. If you decide to have one, count Bird's-eye View in! I'd love to do a review, author interview and book giveaway contest. My contact information is available at http://michellefayard.blogspot.com, or you can send an e-mail message to mefayard(at)yahoo(dot)com.

    Again, congratulations on Invisible pubbing soon!


  8. Hi Michelle,

    thanks for the offer - I will most definitely take you up on it.

    Kind regards,

  9. Congrats Jeanne! Thanks for coming by the blog :)

  10. Thanks, Sophia. You've got a great site :)


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