Wanting to Give up Writing...Blame it on Whitney's Death

As the world now knows, we lost a magnificent talent on Saturday, February 11, 2012. Ms. Whitney Houston was found dead in a Beverly Hills hotel room. I was a Whitney fan, but really didn't give her much thought after 1990-something. Once Bobby got his hooks into her and took her down the road to Hell. But, I haven't written a single word since her death, nor do I feel like it. All inspiration has been sucked out of me...sigh :(

The problem is television and the media coverage of her death. I had to watch the Grammy's last night to see how they would acknowledge Whitney. And now I find myself obsessed with wanting to know how and why she died. It's not a morbid fascination, it's more of a feeling of loss. She was so talented and let it all go. Sometimes I feel that way about writing. I can write. I'm good at it. But I'm by no stretch of the imagination the Whitney Houston equivalent to the literary world. Still it makes me think about life and death and ultimately, why bother to write, especially when it feels like work?

Sometimes writing comes easy and at other times (like now), it doesn't. Whitney is my distraction.

At any rate, God bless you, Ms. Houston and I send my heart felt prayers to your family, in particular your daughter.


  1. I take a pragmatic view of the whole writing thing. If something is distracting me from doing it or my thoughts keep going elsewhere then obviously I was not meant to write right at that moment.

    Kinda having one of those today. I kinda want to start my new book, but I keep finding a lot of things that "need" doing first.

  2. Hey, Rick. Great advice. I try to write every day when I can, but lately, any old excuse will stop me. I really do feel badly about Whitney though. She was such a talent and the world is a little poorer without her beautiful voice.

  3. I think of her in two words - beautiful and talented. It's been quite interesting to watch the talk shows in the last couple of days. They don't know why she died, but that hasn't stopped them keeping my eyes glued to the television from all the talking.

    Dunno, but I keep thinking how painful this must be for her mother. You cherish such hope for your children and to have them die before you must be heart-rending.

    1. I agree, Joy. She was a beautiful and talented woman. I feel so badly for her 18-year-old daughter. The poor girl is going to have a very rough road to travel for quite some time.

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