Interview with author Rebecca Simmonds

‘Born in Essex in 1979, Rebecca now lives in East London with her boyfriend. She was inspired to write for others at the age of 30 after years of rough and tumble while trying to pursue a career in acting. In and out of various jobs and at times unemployed, Rebecca has now found peace in putting her love for “drama” to the page.’

Tell us something about yourself and how you became a writer?

Well, I’m not quite sure how writing happened. I trained as an actor, so I always had a taste for drama and lots of experience with dialogue and character. I was desperate to play in period dramas and at the National Theatre, but not for want of trying, it just didn’t happen. So, I did other jobs, like teaching assistant work, like childminding, like handing out flyers, I even went on tour with Justin Timberlake, not to perform, but to serve his fries. Then I battled with starting my own theatre company in a bit of a protest at being nearly thirty. After I’d worn myself out with that I resorted to writing. Ha, I’m joking. I’ve always written for myself, stuff I would consider self-indulgent ramblings though. But, one day, when I was in a stint of unemployed misery and lounging on my sofa in East London, I picked up my laptop and wrote, Howard Green does not like the dark… and then for the next nine months, or so… I didn’t stop writing. I think that's how I started writing.

Tell us about your novel and where readers can purchase a copy?

It’s a fantasy novel with a bit of humour and a lot of adventure. It follows a guy called Howard Green who dies in a car crash and joins the afterlife, “Death”, to be precise. Here he meets more challenges and adventures than he ever did in life.

On another level it’s about relationships and ties with the real world and how choice is sometimes not as much of an option as you might have hoped, and how attachment hurts and letting go doesn’t.

Find Mark will be released on March 17th 2012. It’ll be available as an eBook first and then paperback. Dam Good Publishing will have links to all the places – such as Amazon – that you can buy from… 

Tell us a little about your road to publication. Was it a long one? Do you have an agent?

I began this novel about a year and a half ago. I tried the traditional route of sending out to agents from the Writers & Artists Yearbook, and guess what… it didn’t work. I then joined Authonomy (a site for writers to post the first ten thousand words of their novel and gain feedback, couldn’t recommend it more) and that’s when things started to happen. I feel very lucky to have bumped into Dam Good Publishing.

In your opinion are agents even necessary?

I’ve never had one, so in all honesty, I don’t really know. You can go it alone. You got to push it though. I would really love an agent. You really got to earn yourself an agent.

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

From the people I know. And the silly emotional knots that I get myself in and out of.

What are you working on right now? Tell us a little about it.

I’ve started a blog and I’m writing some short stories that I’m going to be posting. The one I’m working on at the moment is again quite character driven and absurd – laced with realism, of course.

How much of the marketing do you do?

I try to network as much as possible and I’m learning a lot about that side of things.

Dam Good Publishing is great because unlike other publishers they really help you get a platform. They got me this interview, for example.

Anything you’ve found to be particularly helpful in marketing your book(s)?

Yes. Here we go…

     (The Creative Penn. Great resource. Listen to the podcasts…)

     (Media Artists. Great tips on here, for artists in any field…)

      (Useful tips on marketing.)

Are your books available as eBooks? If so what was your experience of that process?

Yes. They’re available as eBooks. It’s something that Dam Good Publishing sorted out for me, so I feel very lucky.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

As for the marketing side of things, I would say that getting a platform is important, so start blogging and don’t be afraid to network using social media. I’m coming around to the idea of self-publishing, best to get a good editor though.

Creatively, I didn’t worry about what I was writing, my market, etc… I just wrote. I let myself go and had a good time. Then I found a voice. I say let the critiquers critique and let the writers write. We’re the braver. But, be gentle with yourself, I sometimes treat myself like a writing machine, but I’m not a machine, even if the world sometimes feels like it is. Definitely join writing groups, online or off.

Where can readers find you?

Would be great if you could subscribe to my blog, I’ll keep you updated and share my learning and writing and more…

Twitter: @becksimmonds

Thanks for the interview Jeanne. I look forward to your supernatural thriller, Dark Angel. And, of course, purchasing and reading, Invisible.

My pleasure Rebecca. Best of luck with Find Mark


  1. Hi Rebecca, Jeanne!

    Congratulations on Find Mark and your awesome publishing agency! And thank you for the heads up about Authonomy. Can't wait to check it out.

    This was a great interview and I loved reading it. Best of luck to both of you!

  2. Hi Marlena,

    thanks so much for you very kind words and for stopping by. I noticed the retweet - thanks for that also! :)

  3. Linked through Book Blogs. Awesome interview! I'm a new follower :) Check out my new blog as well!

  4. Thanks anaavu - I appreciate your kind words and the follow. I'll check out your blog now :)

  5. Wow, so great to learn about Authonomy as helping trigger your career. I get a lot of people asking me about it. Best of luck with your book--fantasy/humor/adventure is an interesting mix.

  6. How intriguing to learn your path to publication was through Authonomy, Rebecca; I've heard great things about this site, and you're further proof! Congratulations as well on Find Mark and for landing such a proactive publisher.

    Jeanne, I've left a response to your comment on Laura Barnes' blog,

  7. Hi, Rebecca and Jeanne! I'm a neighbour of Elana's who mentioned your blog, so I thought I'd stop by. It's always great to connect with other writers!

    Rebecca, I think it's great that you started writing after acting. I've often thought acting lessons would be a great way to learn to get into your character's heads. Very best of luck with your books!!! Will look for them.

  8. I saw your post on BB and had to check it out. Nice interview - it certainly is a lot of work to market your book, I will agree with you there :). Good luck and happy writing!

  9. Rebecca sounds like she has the perfect background for writing fiction. Wishing her success with Finding Mark

  10. Thanks for the marketing info. This sounds like a great read!

  11. Jenny, Michelle, Sharon, Collette, Joy and Heather, thanks so much for stopping by! I truly appreciate you all taking the time to leave comments :)

  12. Thank you to Jeanne and all of you for your encouraging comments. If any of you would like to follow my progress, subscribe to my blog of course I'll follow yours in return.

  13. I liked your .. turned 30 biog / note on twitter …. actually laughed .. the chart is great : )))

    Tim ( Editor Grail newspaper )

    write me an article rebecca


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